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Teletext with the YouView+ Set Top Box

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Teletext with the YouView+ Set Top Box

When using the red button on the BBC it takes me to an interactive screen and not to a page menu on the right hand side of the screen where one can select options or enter page numbers.

For instance; I like to be able to view soccer results, fixtures, league tables etc from page #302 but can not work out how to find these page menus. My Freesat box gave me a choice when I first installed it but so far I haven't seen a settings option with my Youview box.

What have I missed please?

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Re: Teletext with the YouView+ Set Top Box

Hi @Baldricky

I too have this dilemma, It seems that the Humax box software has updated the BBC teletext service to a newer teletext+ service. I find this is less user friendly than the earlier version. Having been used to using the direct entry page number facility for many years since the introduction of the teletext/ceefax services, I think that this is a retrograde step. I regularly use page 316 to check latest football scores, Fortunately my TV receiver has not yet succumbed to this update so that I can continue to use it for a while longer

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Re: Teletext with the YouView+ Set Top Box

The work-around is to select a BBC radio channel - I use 701. This still has the text service, though I always use the "text" button and not the red button to access this.

The next "improvement" is, of course, the change of the program guide from a list to the mobile phone semi-random tiled rubbish (and many multiples of key presses to get anywhere) Crazy2 . At least you can overcome this on W10 with "classic shell" Wink


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