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Stopped receiving HD channels

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Stopped receiving HD channels

Hi, for the past year i have had Plus TV and i was able to receive a lot of HD News channels like BBC, Aljazeera, etc the channels from 106-130. Now all of a sudden they were gone. I tried resetting the youview box (DBT2220) and also retuning the channels several times during the past couple weeks and still no luck. I do receive the other HD channels in like Discovery, NG, etc which are around channels 370-400. So somethings got wrong specific to these news channel.


Wondering if anyone else had this issue or if Plusnet can help?

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Re: Stopped receiving HD channels

Have you checked for problems at your transmitter (use your postcode in the RH check box) or do you have any other Freeview HD capable devices/televisions to see if it is a transmitter problem? Which transmitter do you get your signals from?

If, when one of the HD channels is selected, you go to Settings->TV & Signal & Quality->TV Signal Quality what results do you get?


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Re: Stopped receiving HD channels

I had an issue like this a few days ago where i lost a few of the normal tv channels like bbc four  news hd pick had the roof aerial checked and all was fine but then recently found out that O2 had recently activated a new 4G mast down the road from me which operated on the 800Mhz band simple fix was to get a 4G filter put inline with the tv aerial which done the trick .

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Re: Stopped receiving HD channels

Hah! Had a similar problem with the same channels some time back. Never heard of a 4G filter so tried a signal amplifier which has mostly solved the problem but still get occasional blocky pictures or loss of channel. Will get one of these filters.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Stopped receiving HD channels

HI @UJ and welcome to the community forums.

Like @PeeGee mentioned I would check for any known issues in the area with regards to your transmitter as it could be an issue with signal interference.

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Re: Stopped receiving HD channels

Atmospheric conditions can also affect Freeview broadcasts. I generally have no issues getting all the Freeview channels but on Sunday some of them were not working. The ones not working were lower power channels from the transmitter but even so, I normally have no problem receiving them.

I checked a website ( that gives forecasts for tropospheric ducting and on Sunday, my area showed disturbances on the map. The channels later returned and that coincided with the tropo forecast for my area clearing. 

I can't say for certain that it was connected, but seems plausible. Obviously a whole number of issues can cause you to lose channels, so check your setup first. But if you have an otherwise stable system, and there are no reports of engineering work on the transmitter, try checking the tropo forecast.

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Re: Stopped receiving HD channels

Just so as everyone knows, don't pay for a 4G filter, they are available for free.

Go to this website:

I did, I followed the online diagnostics, then had to call them.  They offered to send an engineer out to fit a filter (good service) but I said no just send the filter.  A free filter arrived a couple of days later, and it is a good quality metal shielded on with a flying lead and sticky pad.  I have a 6 way amp/splitter so I fitted the 4G filter to the input to the amp.