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Some internet channels working, some not

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Some internet channels working, some not

Having some very odd issues at the moment with the internet channels on my Youview service.


So all the BT Sport channels, SD and HD, work like a charm on my box, however I get the IPC6023 error on Comedy Central SD and HD as well as one of the kids channels (can't remember now which it is).


The obvious thing to me was problems with the mulicast streaming but that surely would affect all of the IPTV channels.


Is anyone else experiencing anything similar or have any pointers on what I could try next. I am using an Asus RT-AC3200 router by the way running on version

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Re: Some internet channels working, some not

If it's all of the Ent+ channels and all of the kids channels (separate add-ons) then it's possible PN have turned them off.

(I'm having real issues with these (above) but mines an account issue that's been going on since 22 Dec)

I would point you in the direction of where to check via My Portal, but mines been turned of too!!

If it's only random channels missing from the channel packs, then I have no idea what's wrong, unless they're doing some maintenance .....