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Settings for Asus RT-87U :)

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Settings for Asus RT-87U :)

Grin Grin
finally after spending ages an not giving up i managed to get my beast ASUS router to work with Plusnet TV here is how i did it
install the latest official  firmware NOT MERLIN and also make sure its the right one a few had US or Japan only and another was a Beta i went for version
under LAN then IPTV had to do the following
Enable multicast routing (IGMP Proxy)
Enable efficient multicast forwarding (IGMP Snooping)
then i had to assign the box a static ip under LAN then DHCP Server
i had to click no to Enable VPN + DHCP Connection under WAN
then finally under wan then Virtual Server / Port Forwarding Enable Port Forwarding YES then    Service name =YouView    Port range=1024 IP ADDRESS     Local Port =8081 Protocol=TCP

I also had to factory reset youview box by tunig off at the switch turn back on but hold the down button on the box thin hit power when prompt
hope this helps anyone that had the same problem as me  Crazy Crazy Crazy
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Re: Settings for Asus RT-87U :)

I had no problems with my ASUS RT-AC87U once I got the latest Merlin build (just out today as test
after some debugging by Merlin - 378.54_2) Note the previous 2 or 3 Merlin releases had a bug that stop IPTV working.
Only needed to do the WAN setting for VPN + DHCP to NO and set the IPTV options as you listed
Once these were set it just worked, no static ip or port forward required ( I dont even have UPNP enabled on WAN page).