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Seriosly Annoyed.. BTW-420 on Plusnet Youview

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Seriosly Annoyed.. BTW-420 on Plusnet Youview

Had it for over a month.  Charged me more than they should have.  Can not contact customer support as never available.  Promised an engineer would contact me.  Poorest support since TalkTalk!  Yorkshire Customer Service???... TalkTalk Customer DisService!  I hope you are watching as I want out!.  So poor.  Every part of my contract has been breached!  (No part of any order has been fulfilled without ME running round in circles!).
I wish there was a company out there that could take these awful companies on!
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Re: Seriosly Annoyed.. BTW-420 on Plusnet Youview

I can see you contacted our support team regarding this and they performed some maintenance which should have helped.
I've checked your bill and it seems to match what you were offered, the only reason this month is higher is the P&P for the YouView box and the pro-rata charge for the channel packs.
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