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Plusnet TV vs High Street Youview box?

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Plusnet TV vs High Street Youview box?

I recently signed up for Plusnet fibre after being a VM customer for 10+ years. Until now I had no idea Youview or Plusnet TV existed so I started to do some homework.

There appears to be little information about the differences between Plusnets Youview offering and the high street offering (e.g buying a youview box from Currys), if any at all.

What is the difference in channel offerings?

Do the Plusnet boxes also offer access to Google Play store? Is there any restriction on what can be installed?


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Re: Plusnet TV vs High Street Youview box?

You can't install ANYTHING on them, they offer the additional channels from PN (sub based).
Otherwise they are FV+ boxes.
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Re: Plusnet TV vs High Street Youview box?

PN offers 2 different YouView boxes - one that records and one that doesn't.

The recording one you can buy in the high street (branded BT YouView box - same hardware as PN though). You can read about it online - it has access to the on demand players, Netflix (you need a subscription for that) etc. (You can buy the non recording one on the high street too).

I have one and find it to be a well featured freeview recorder with good access to on demand content. Even if I wasn't going for the PN subscription channels, I would seriously consider buying this box just for the freeview channels and on demand content (not to mention the recording capability). The box is made by Humax.

The box has the capability for multicast channels which are normally delivered through your ISP. So whilst you can use this box with any internet connection (assuming it is fast enough etc), the multicast subscription channels are tied to your ISP (Plusnet, BT etc) and are only available on the box via a subscription with your ISP. You can look at the cost of the Plusnet subscription packs but if you think that these extra channels would be an important part of your viewing, then it is worth considering getting the box through PN rather than buying it on the high street.

For example, I decided to ditch Sky and went with Plusnet TV, taking the recording box and tying in to the base channel pack (5 per month) for 2 years. With the deal I got, I have the subscription channels for 2 years for less than it would have cost me to buy the recording box on the high street. So look at the channel packs and that will help you decide how you want to get the box (buy yourself or get it through PN). Worth noting as well that there are some good deals on Ebay for these boxes.

As for the operation of the box itself, I find it to be a great replacement for Sky. Haven't missed Sky once actually, and saving some money in the process. There are plenty of reviews of the box online.

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Re: Plusnet TV vs High Street Youview box?

The other difference is Plusnet dont do 4k/UHD. 


If thats your thing then you can get from ebay the BT DTR-4000 that does ultra HD, you cant get the channels still for sport but you can use it for 4k netflix if that's important to you! (most 4k tv's have 4k netflix app on them so not the cheapest way to go!)

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Re: Plusnet TV vs High Street Youview box?

Thanks all. It is clearer now. Looking at the additional Plusnet channels I don't see any that we watch, which is partially why we are moving away from VM.

4k is another problem as that is my new year plan, maybe I'll buy a Sony TV with Youview built in.


Thanks for your help!