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Plusnet BT Sports App

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Plusnet BT Sports App

HI Folks

Can any one tell me how i can put the Sports app from me Acer Tablet, to my tv.

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Re: Plusnet BT Sports App

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How will I be able to watch the BT Sport App from Plusnet?

As part of the BT Sport app from Plusnet package (and as part of taking the BT Sport channel pack) you get access to BT Sport via the BT Sport App and the BT online player. This is available to use both in the UK and in over 25 European destinations.

The BT Sport App works on most phones and tablets. It is also castable so you can watch it on your TV as long as you have a device that can receive the signal, such as a Chromecast or Fire TV stick.

You can also use the online player at via most web browsers.

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So you need a Chromecast device plugged into the TV.

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Re: Plusnet BT Sports App

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Re: Plusnet BT Sports App

Chromecast or simply run an HDMI cable from the laptop to the TV (I've done both, with no problem)