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PfSense with Multicast channels

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PfSense with Multicast channels

Hi everyone

Wonder if anyone can help. I have recently signed up to YouView with PlusNet. My router is pfsense. I have set up the igmp proxy within Pfsense and I have a perfect stream of the IPTv channels. Unfortunately after about 5 minutes the channel I’m watching drops with a 6023 error. I have to either restart the proxy or change channels then change back.

This doesn’t seem to be doing it on the default plusnet router.

I can’t seem to see anything in particular in the logs that are causing traffic to drop. I have tried both with and without vlans in the setup, as well as removing all switches from the equation so the YouView box is plugged straight into the hypervisor housing the pfsense vm.

Can anyone shed some light on this? It’s working just drops so would like to resolve this.

Anyone had this and had a resolution?

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Re: PfSense with Multicast channels

Just a long shot, I assume you have igmp snooping switched on ?

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Re: PfSense with Multicast channels

Thanks for responding.


As far as I'm aware, there are no IGMP snooping options within PFSense. I thought it was an issue on my switches but it didn't matter whether it was on or off. I have wired the YouView box directly into another nic on my server so it has it's own interface so IGMP traffic is only passing to the YouView box. I am still testing with NO switches.


Here are my IGMP proxy settings:

Upstream - on the IPTV interface

Downstream - - IPTV subnet


I have also enabled the 'Allow packets with IP options to pass. Otherwise they are blocked by default. This is usually only seen with multicast traffic.' rule in my firewall rules.


I know there was an issue with the pfsense 2.3.x versions, but I am even testing on the new 2.4.x beta and it's still occurring.


Happy to troubleshoot if anyone has any suggestions.