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No Plusnet subscription channels BTP-20000

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No Plusnet subscription channels BTP-20000

The extra channels haven't worked for 2 months, all I ever got was a BTV-437 error, something has changed overnight  as all I get now is a pink screen with a BTP-20000 error

Please for the love of mankind can someone assist with this issue, the last time I spoke to PN support it took 45 mins to speak to someone and all they could do was log a call as they didn't know how to resolve the issue, that was 4 days ago but no-one seems to be actioning the ticket


So frustrated with the poor service, been with PN since the force9 days but the service is getting worse by the day 

The case open is #161005618

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Re: No Plusnet subscription channels BTP-20000

Has it been resolved yet?

We've just noticed today that all of our subscription channels have gone but since we don't use out PN YV box very often we don't know how long they've been missing.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No Plusnet subscription channels BTP-20000

Hi there @zealing

How did the factory reset go?


@caravanj Have you tried a software update?

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