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No Answer When Calling Plusnet About TV....

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No Answer When Calling Plusnet About TV....

im aware its sunday but ive called plusnet regarding the possibility of taking up there tv option, only to be left on hold with the usual, blah blah your call is important etc, is there a opening time for the sales team? also if im entering into a contract of 18 months i certainly am not interested in paying a £50 activation for youview+ box, ive been a customer for over 3 1/2 years and it also seems a good idea to renew my fibre contract at the same time as the youview+ box seems to use the fibre connection to deliver some of there channels etc (assuming im reading that right), is it therefore possible to negotiate the waving of this £50 fee?
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Re: No Answer When Calling Plusnet About TV....

I have just joined Plusnet from BT where I had the Youview service. When I spoke to Plusnet about the TV tariff I was told that they would waive the £50 activation charge if I committed to a 24 month contract.