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New subscriber. Initial thoughts and a few questions

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New subscriber. Initial thoughts and a few questions

First impressions are great. (Other than parcelforce just dumping the item right in front of my front door for anyone to see!)

I'm really impressed with how well the subscription channels integrate with the Freeview channels, and how quickly they load up. I was expecting "loading".... Etc. But it's absolutely seamless, you wouldn't know it was IPTV at all!

I love that I can now do everything from one remote control too. Only downside is I find the remote keys a little small, fiddly and not as well laid out as my previous Humax remote.


1. This is a good system. Why is it not promoted / advertised more by PN? Why isn't it budled in with phone & broadband package? It's ideal for people like me who want slightly more than Freeview has to offer, but don't want to pay a fortune for sky or virgin.

2. What are the chances the product will grow and offer more subscription channels? I get that BT and Sky are not best buds, but there must be other deals that can be done?

3. What's the deal with standby / power consumption? The smart saver looks like it uses >17 watts for the best part of the day (yes I've adjusted the timer to fit in with my lifestyle). But why does it need to be so high?

What are the disadvantages to turning off smart standby? Does it mean I have to wait 2 minutes for it to load up every time I want to watch TV? (Not very practical)

4. I have used a basic TP link power line adaptor that I already had serving a different device. It works perfectly but now my other device does not! I recall reading that powerline adaptors with two ethernet outputs are not compatible. Is that the case? Would I need to have a separate switch? (More clutter behind the tv; another device drawing background power!)

I think that's enough for now. Thanks for reading!
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Re: New subscriber. Initial thoughts and a few questions


Hey @mrmitch85,


Thanks for getting in touch here and letting us know your thoughts on Youview! It's nice to hear what you enjoy about the product but also what you don't like so we can feed this back for further improvements.


So I'll try and take a stab at some of the questions:


1. We're just a broadband and phone-line company, so any kind of add on's like this are just for the benefit of our existing customer base. Plus we cannot add the Youview service until the fibre service is live on our systems.


2. We're always looking to improve our service for our customers needs & wants - this has been raised to our business improvement team. For now you can of view all of what BT sport has to offer.


4. We can't confirm if the power line adapters you have would work with the Youview service as it's out of our support remit I'm afraid. However, the number of ports your PLA's have shouldn't determine whether it works with Youview or not. It's down to what data types the PLA's can transfer. I'd also check out this link here for any further assistance with your PLA's.


Thank you.


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