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Netgear WRN300L Support for Plusnet TV

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Netgear WRN300L Support for Plusnet TV

It's early days in my research to fully understand IPTV, Multicast, IGMP and Plusnet TV supported routers so can anyone help answer if my current Netgear WRN300L will support Plusnet TV? If not what are the minimum requirements for a 3rd party router etc?
Thanks in advance.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Netgear WRN300L Support for Plusnet TV

As long as the router has multicast enabled then it "should" work with the TV service.
Just note that if you need any technical support we would request you connect it using the supplied router and support would not be given when using a 3rd party router.
 Peter Birt
 Plusnet Support Team