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Movies24; changing subscription

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Registered: ‎27-03-2020

Movies24; changing subscription

I just received an email to say Movies24 is no longer available. Frustrating as I have just joined Plusnet TV and chose the Entertainment Plus pack solely to get this channel (or, rather, for my wife). So they say "call us if you want to remove this package".

Now I know the world is in meltdown (and this is only £3/month but is a matter of principle)....but why say "call us" when the phone message you get says "urgent calls only and please use the website"; the website doesn't allow you to change your subscription; so I try online chat and that is just automated and says "call us". So back to the urgent phone line and there is a predicted wait for over 30 minutes.

If they want to reduce the calls for "non urgent" items like this, then why not make the option available online?? Or just remove the charge for this package as an interim fix?

Sorry, rant over. Back to isolation.