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Led strip lights from ebay humax tv box remote changes colours lol

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Led strip lights from ebay humax tv box remote changes colours lol

No real issue to reply to Im not asking for help rather offer advise  an warning . In my 10 year experience with various makes of youview boxs I have owned I find myself having to stick with the Huwandi models despite been slower lower quality product although the DN372T is tolerable in speed. I don't subscribe to any premium you view content YET i just a nice affordable PVR the catch-up apps are handy too seeing my 2014 Sony tv support died few yr ago an it smart features portal are almost as empty as my beloved football teams trophy cabinet.  I have had a couple of the Humax BT TV variant box much better build smoother faster menu

I had to sacrifice them and downgrade back to the slower Huwandi box due to the remote control changing the colour of my led ribbon lights round my tv lol...My Android box control does exactly same tho  they are so poor of a  inferred radius it only happens occasionally if say I accidently point android remote straight at TV area, the last straw was when my electric log fire effect burning stove turned on an off when pressing one of the Humax remote buttons lol I have led lights round Tv iin bedroom too so suffer a Huwandi  in bedroom  too.

So yes just word of warning those who thinking getting led strip lights an own a Humax remote 



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Re: Led strip lights from ebay humax tv box remote changes colours lol

Not me, I have a NowTV which my friend has sort of left me on a permanent loan as I sold him my PS4 which does the same thing apparently (well that and play games of course). I am terrible at buying stuff I never use.

Used to play computer games when I were much younger, given up now. I now work with Word and Excel now I am at that age now. Arrghh, I have to do serious and (try) to do productive things! 😮

He comes over (pre-requisite bring some supplies over, which you can paraphrase to mean beers) and watches football, which I don't mind.

Back on topic, a bit with Christmas looming (was I the first to mention that, sorry all) I wonder if you can get those LED lights which can display lots of colours. RGB and all that, 0 to 255. So 256 ^ 3 = 16,777,216 colours. HSV I programmed once and then I realised Microsoft already had a dialog for that. Oh well.

I wonder if you can get say a wireless one or ones, which I can set my sisters laptop to change colours wireless to whatever at a given rate through some software. Then put it outside for then.