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Lack of (timely) response on telephone.

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Lack of (timely) response on telephone.

Twice today (19th July) I twice spent over half and hour waiting for a reply. I was constantly reminded during the wait to have my security details ready.

The first 'wait' was answered by someone who not only didn't asked the security question(s), but also show little or no interest in my problem.


The second 'phone call I aborted after half an hour; how long does one have to wait for meaningful response?


The plusnet advert about "service" needs reporting to the advertising people, they obviously don't employ sufficient staff to man the Telephones.

In the end I solved the problem myself; I swapped the Plusnet Youview Box for a BT Youview Box I bought to solve a previous TV problem.

The problem as shown was lack of sound completely from the Plusnet Youview box.


Jim Harvey

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Lack of (timely) response on telephone.

Hi Jim,

Sorry to hear of your poor experience.

I've raised a ticket on your account so that we can arrange an engineer to replace your YouView box from us.

Let us know once you've replied.






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 Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Lack of (timely) response on telephone.

I have encountered similar issues when phoning Plusnet. Also when I do get answered the person had to transfer me to another team. Sadly this was quite often not the correct team so had to be transferred again.

Plusnet need to offer more options on the initial menu so you can access the correct team first time. I am fed up listening to the same music three times in one call.

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Re: Lack of (timely) response on telephone.

I had to wait over an hour at the weekend to followup on a ticket I raised on Wednesday which again took over 30 mins to get through.  I love the call back promise that never happens from support as well.