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Judder free Ashes!

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Judder free Ashes!

I got the BT Sports app...thanks Plusnet..... £2.50  a month for now....will see how it goes.

I would like to use this thread to get people's and advice in getting the best quality picture on a large TV using this App. So far I have used the screen mirror function (SmartView) on my Samsung S7 through wifi to my large screen tv's...the picture is very jumpy and juddery...looks like a lot of frames are being lost...not great for the highly important and upcoming Ashes series!! This series will also be important to BT and Plusnet as many people will be looking at it with a view to subscribing for the cricket and Premier League / Champions League Football.

Then I downloaded the app onto my windows 10 laptop...and plugged that in to my tv with an HDMI cable....the picture seems a bit less jerky....but there is quite a lot of ghosting and blurring.

Does anyone know of a better method? It would be great if this app was available directly for Smart TV's (as I was told it was on the phone to Plusnet) it seems it's not available at the moment for LG tvs...or Samsung TV's. This is a real shame as this would give a more stable picture....better than Chromecast or miracasting from a mobile phone.

It looks great on the phone screen....but pretty poor / jerky / jumpy on a larger screen TV...not great sound either.

Surely if the likes of Netflix and even Now TV (which you can see on Smart TVs direct) can get this right then BT / Plusnet can do so as well. It's hardly 4k quality.

I would love to hear your feedback everyone....let's see if we can improve this app...great start so far....but not good on the big screen :-(

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Re: Judder free Ashes!

I have used Chromecast and found it is jerky and juddery just like you. I have not found this problem with anything else i cast.
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Re: Judder free Ashes!

Random thoughts ...

I don't have PN TV to test, but if the app only gives you 25fps then sport is always going to be a juddery mess.

TVs may try to interpolate as well leading to artifacts that wouldn't be there if the source were 50fps (as it should be and has always been for TV).

Netflix get it easier with film/drama as it's shot with lower frame rate in mind.

Of course the app may be 50fps and there are other factors ...

On the laptop test, it would be best to set up separate screens - if you have the image on both than only one can be synced up properly.

Check what mode the TV is in - it may be running 60Hz.


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Re: Judder free Ashes!

I think if the app is only 25fps then it is always going to be jittery watching sports on a big screen...Now TV seems better when I have watched that as a built-in app on Smart TV's. If BT are serious about this app then they need to make it available to download for Smart TV. I also tried watching the BT Sport site on my Smart can't do that because you need Flash Player to watch it. My Smart TV cannot install Flash Player. Come to think of it...this could be the problem? Flash player is not the best in terms of picture quality. Does the BT Sport app rely on Flash Player? It is frustrating as I also have a youview box....which sees BT channels in the programme guide...but I still cant watch them as it's not a plusnet box...though plusnet use BT broadband....very annoying and this will send many people running to Sky. I'm even considering it now ....installing Sky to watch BT and record it!! Crazy.

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Re: Judder free Ashes!

Does this thread!topic/chromecast/MYnIvj-lNd0 help at all with the Chromecast ?