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IPTV without YouView (Plex DVR)

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IPTV without YouView (Plex DVR)



I'm an avid user of Plex to manage all my media and have been looking into the DVR functionality which can be configured to use IPTV streams. 


I'm not using a standard plusnet router but the router I have can also be configured with IPTV from your ISP and looks like people have had success with this and router and a YouView box/IPTV clients.  I don't have nor do I want a YouView box but I'm wanting to use the IPTV service offered by plusnet.


Has anybody had success in setting up similar?

I will need an m3u playlist for the IPTV service to feed into my plex server, does plusnet expose this or is there a standard url for it once my router is configured (e.g. ?


Any pointers greatly appreciated!






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Re: IPTV without YouView (Plex DVR)

You're not going to be able to do this. Even if the streams can be accessed via URL, the content is encrypted and I very much doubt you'd be able to get around that.

Bob Pullen
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