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IPTV Setting for VR900 modem router

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Registered: ‎23-08-2015

IPTV Setting for VR900 modem router

Hi All,
I have looked through the pages of this forum and cannot find an answer to my problem, so any tips gratefully received.
Having got fed up with the new router from PN I have bought a VR900 and which is linked by Ethernet with a T9 on the top floor of our house. We now get fantastic broadband with an increase in wi-fi speed. Devices can always log on and we only have the one network name with DHCP turned off on the T9.
For the life of me I cannot work out the IPTV settings. From the VR900 manual it all seems like it should be pretty straightforward. Can anyone please help with:

  • DSL Modulation type - I assume it is VDSL as that is how the route was configured when first started

  • VPI/VCI or VLAN ID - No idea, but it is not 101 as this gives an internal error!

If necessary I will cancel the TV subscription as I am not going back to the PN router, but any help would be most appreciated.