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How to watch MotoGP 2017 with Plusnet

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How to watch MotoGP 2017 with Plusnet

If you are a Plusnet customer there are a number of options to watch MotoGP.

If you can bear the wait and spoilers highlights are shown free to air on Channel5 every Monday after the race.

If you have a sky box your best best is BT Sport on Sky. If you are a freesat from Sky user without subscription you will have to watch all races live otherwise with a recording or full subscription you can record the races and watch later, this is useful for Australia, Japan if you are not an early riser.

If you have an aerial and you want to watch live you will need a YouView subscription and you will be locked in a 18 months contract that will give you access to a number of entertainment channels and documentaries, then you need to add the BT sport package and the HD bolt on if required. You can watch live Tv and pause but not record unless you go for the YouView+ box.

In summary in order of cost

Watch Free highlights on Channel5 on Monday - cost £0

Watch Live on a Sky box - starts at £79.92 per season or £99.92 in HD no contract. Add £80 for recording option.

Watch Live on YouView - requires YouView £96.99 upfront for 18 months contract then £40 per season or £64 in HD. Add £58.99 for recording option.

If you don't have just a connection and no aerial or disk you can also watch online for a whopping £173.19 per season!



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Re: How to watch MotoGP 2017 with Plusnet

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