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DisneyXD - guide showing incorrect programmes

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Registered: ‎07-11-2015

DisneyXD - guide showing incorrect programmes

Anyone else got the kids upgrade, and seeing difference in the guide and what's being shown on Disney XD
Kids love Star Wars Rebels - which was actually shown at 9am, but the guide didn't say so.  The new Guardians of the Galaxy is being repeated at 6pm this evening, but the plus net guide is showing a different programme.
It's the same on both my guide and the YouView app on my phone, but the guys on the you view site have confirmed that their listing are accurate.
On hold with PlusNet - as their online chat is down
Anyone else seeing the same, or is it just my box?
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Registered: ‎08-09-2016

Re: DisneyXD - guide showing incorrect programmes

This issue materialized again.  I've had a response from Plusnet.  If anyone has any screen shots as examples please post them.






Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding Disney XD.

Disney provides an original schedule of programs to Youview and then may have subsequently changed their schedules. 

This would cause the old schedule to be displayed if they have not updated the YouView EPG data and other platforms.

This issue was apparent around 8 months ago but YouView was unable to obtain examples.

I would recommend signing up to the YouView community forum and adding your examples in an effort of getting the matter resolved.

In the mean time you can see what is going to be aired on Disney XD by following the website below:

Please do not hesitate to get back in touch online at Contact Us or alternatively, you can get answers to most questions using our support pages by going to Help and Support where you can find helpful guides for most issues.