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Can I use my own DTRT2100?

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Can I use my own DTRT2100?

I'm tempted to add Youview to my Plusnet package, but as I already have a Youview+ box (that works a treat and has a lot of recordings on it), I don't want a Youview+ package, just the basic will do.

My question - will Plusnet let me use my own box (Humax DTRT2100) for the subscription channels?

I previously had Youview from TalkTalk and it was just a matter of teling support the ID of the box that was to be authorised. But reading various threads on here, it is unclear if the subscribed channels will be available on my own box.

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Re: Can I use my own DTRT2100?

@ACCB Although it isn't offically supported by Plusnet, if you search this forum for 'own box' you will see reports of people successfully using their own boxes. You will need to order a box from Plusnet when you subscribe to the TV package but as I understand it, this can be the basic non recording box.

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Re: Can I use my own DTRT2100?


@ACCB I’m using a Humax DTRT2100 and the subscription channels work fine...