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Bt sports Samsung TV app

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Bt sports Samsung TV app

Bt have just launched a Samsung TV app for bt sport and it's on 2015 and above models.

I can confirm that the app is currently working with my Plusnet BT sport account on my bt id. I have TV so I can't confirm if it works with app only customers. Let's hope it is intended to be working for Plusnet TV customers and continues to work for us because as a added benefit this app has the extra channels in hd unlike the youview box from Plusnet.
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Re: Bt sports Samsung TV app

Yep @Daniel28012 , that's awesome, I have a Luxor Smart TV and PS4 but at the moment no BT Sport app is on them as far as I'm aware but it's great you managed to get this as like you say the extra channels are missing from the Youview box since BT changed their format, which is a little unfair that we're not getting the complete package now.

Plusnet, Youview, BT etc... have said they will add it if public demand is there (I find this unfair as it should be added anyway) however they did ask me to get people involved in this thread here as you know Smiley

Although it seems like people aren't bothering (probably cause it's a little long but Plusnet asked me to put all the details in) so hopefully we can get people being a bit more active in it and then finally get the channel added, as we should do anyway Smiley 

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Re: Bt sports Samsung TV app

I have the app running on my sammy 50" JU6800 on both wifi and Ethernet, virtually every game I have watched has had 5-10 loading pauses. I know its not my internet or wifi as my xbox one X runs the app with zero buffering sofar i can only think v1.0 of the TV app is not optimised enough
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Re: Bt sports Samsung TV app


We've been looking into this as chose not to take up BT Sport when we moved across from BT Broadband to Plusnet. We decided the BT Sport basic offering was ridiculously 'Lite' for us and in fact (here's some feedback, plusnet) helped inform our decision not to take up plusnet tv at all.

Since then, have been looking into the BT Sport App through plusnet, but also noted that as I'm with EE mobile I can get same app for free for three months - easy decision.

The app works perfectly in HD on my Samsung (2017 model, towards top of range at the time '8000' model.) our fibre is modest at 13 down 1.5 up, but is stable. The TV is connected to Router Via Ethernet. There is no buffering.

This will only be a short term solution, as I'm sim only with EE so appears my costs will be £15 per month after free trial. But for those on a pay monthly 'Max' deal, looks like it's only a fiver for the app. So if it's an option for you and you're struggling with Plusnet, then nothing to lose in my view.

I'll let u know how we get on when we try the same with Plusnet.