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BTP-15000 no BT Sport or subscription channels

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Registered: ‎15-10-2020

BTP-15000 no BT Sport or subscription channels


I received my Plusnet router no problem there. Router worked fine, I then wanted the Plusnet TV with BT sport package, the youview box was delivered  a couple days later - great. The box was set up but I can't receive BT sport. All the "through the aerial" transmissions are fine. Turn to BT sport channel and all I get is a pink screen telling me I am not a Plusnet customer and to phone Plusnet on ******* phone number and quote BTP-15000 and all will be fine. Guess what -  its not.

After 3 plus hours on the phone to what seems like countless people I am no further nearer to watching BT sport on my TV.

It is now 10 days since I received my Plusnet youview box and I'm not getting what I paid for.

The BT community on the net seem to think it is something to do with the accounts for the broadband and TV not marrying correctly, who knows, certainly not Plusnet. 

Can anyone help.

I thinking seriously of cancelling the whole lot.