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BT sport not activated

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BT sport not activated

can some at plusnet tell me why I keep get emails telling me to activate mt BT sport  app ,when according when I click the link in my account add my details Ive done this 3-4 times  i get ,     

 [Great news, you've already completed your registration. To access BT Sport simply download the BT Sport app and log in using your BT ID.]    but my account still says for me activate  BT sport ,Is is because I cancelled BT sport in March then reinstated it recently ,I was told at the time of cancellation that BT would hold my details in case I purchased further BT products,  I am currently using the app to watch the football ,so surely my BT sport app must be activated


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Re: BT sport not activated



My situation is exactly the same as yours.

Like you I had BT Sport for quite a long time and cancelled at the time of lockdown. I reactivated when football began again and have used it several times since. I had the email last week telling me I need to register to get the most from my subscription. When I try to register I am told that it is already done, which I am well aware of.

I suppose that there will be more reminders to come just like the " You have not updated your communication preferences" email that appears frequently. That keeps appearing, despite a multitude of updates being done, with no notice being taken of any changes being taken or registered.

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Re: BT sport not activated

Hi there @hooverman Smiley Sorry to hear you're having issues with the registration. If you still need someone to take a look into this then please feel free to PM me your username.

 Plusnet Help Team