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BT sport HD via Sky billing confusion

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BT sport HD via Sky billing confusion

My March bill didn't have my  normal charge for BT sport on Sky.

I called customer services and asked them to check it, they said they would add it and email me to confirm.

I didn't get an email, so I  just went on my account and clicked on the BT with sky link on the tv order page.

I thought it would say that I already had it, but it said something like, thanks for your order.

Anyway, could someone check that I do have the HD sports pack, and I won't be charged for another pack which I think I may have just ordered.

I'm confused by all this, because my BT sport on Sky HD has been working throughout all this.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: BT sport HD via Sky billing confusion


Hi @gwynedd


Thanks for getting in touch.


This was added for you - my apologies that this wasn't communicated. I think the reason that the system has allowed you to order this again is that the order we placed is still in progress, so the Member Centre can't "see" the active product.


I'll keep an eye on this for you and ensure nothing conflicts etc. You won't be billed twice as the system only allows on product of the same time to be billed at any one time.


Best wishes