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BT Sport via Sky - cancel order (new viewing card?)

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Registered: ‎28-04-2020

BT Sport via Sky - cancel order (new viewing card?)

So, like a number of people here - I tried to order BT Sport via Sky using the options on the Plusnet website. Completed the order only to be shown the message that:

"You’ll need a new Sky viewing card to start watching your new channels. We’ll order one for you and send an email to <email> to confirm when it’s in the post.


When your new viewing card arrives, you’ll need to replace your current viewing card with the new one before you can start watching your new channels."


Nope, sorry. Not interested in this approach. First of all, I don't recall being told that when I ordered (giving you my existing viewing card number), and secondly I don't recall it saying it would take time to activate.

I wanted this order today, for tonight. I'd like this order to be cancelled straight away please, so that I can order the BT Sport app option which from experience, activates straight away.