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BT Sport on the Sky platform with a Q box

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BT Sport on the Sky platform with a Q box

I ordered the BT Sport package for the Sky platform from Plusnet yesterday. It was activated this afternoon. Unfortunately I was unable to get any pictures on my Sky Q mini box. I phoned Sky and they told me that while you can watch all your SKY TV channels on the mini box, BT sport requires a subscription for EACH device. So my £10 subscription would in fact have to be £20.

Plusnet, despite selling me the package, had no idea that this was the case. It was news to them. I must be their only customer who has ordered BT Sport to use on a SKY Q system. 

If you have SKY Q and want BT Sport don't bother ordering it via Plusnet unless you are happy just to have it on your main Q box.

I hope this will save somebody all the time wasted finding out why I couldn't get pictures. Long periods on hold and about an hour of my day wasted and no BT Sport at the end of it.

Hopefully Plusnet will now make this clear on their web site and train their staff to make them aware of the fact.

Very disappointed by Plusnet on this matter. As they are owned by BT they really should have known how the BT Sport system works. Remarkable really but nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to customer 'service'. 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BT Sport on the Sky platform with a Q box

Hi @JamesPunt 


Thanks for getting in touch with us and welcome to the forums. 


I'm sorry to hear you had issues with your services - and were not made fully aware of how you would need to set these up / what types of devices would be usable. 


I agree that this should be known about internally and by the agents conducting the sales of our subscription services - in fact I believe it is part of our training process on the matter. 

I am going to double check who you spoke to (I can see this from your account) and pass some general feedback onto their Line Managers. If this is just one or two isolated agents who were unaware then further coaching can be arranged for them. 


If you ever have any need to contact us again, feel free to do so on here if you wish. 


Kind Regards, 


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