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BT Sport on Sky (non)activation.

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BT Sport on Sky (non)activation.


I signed up for BT Sport via Sky on Saturday morning  (19th), gave my viewing card number and was told it may take 24 hours to activate. Unfortunately I missed 4 goals scored by Leeds Utd. My bad, I should have not assumed it would be done immediately like when Sky do something.

I've noticed a note on my account saying you are sending out a viewing card. I don't need one, I gave you my card number. It was good enough to allow me to see the 3 goals Leeds Utd scored against Liverpool the week before.

It is now Thursday 24th September, something like 120 hours waiting for activation. In under 48 hours Leeds will score another 3 or 4 goals against Sheffield Utd. I would very much like to see them.

Please help.

Kind regards.

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Re: BT Sport on Sky (non)activation.

Unless you’ve got this sorted you could try adding the BT Sport app here: as that seems to get setup a lot quicker.