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BT Sport on Sky box - 'you don't subscribe to this channel'

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Registered: ‎21-11-2020

BT Sport on Sky box - 'you don't subscribe to this channel'

I added BT Sport to my sky box a few weeks ago via the good price offered for being a plusnet broadband subscriber. It took ages to sort because I had previously subscribed on the same viewing card via plusnet pre pandemic but had cancelled when there was no sport. I subsequently moved house and signed up at the new address for plusnet broadband using a new account. When i went to add BT Sport it said the viewing card was already in use. The eventual solution was a new viewing card which plusnet assured me it had been dispatched on SIX separate occasions over the course of 4 weeks, but it never arrived. This was finally sorted and a new card arrived, I called up to provide the new number and happily had BT Sport on my sky box again. 

It has been fine for a couple of weeks or so, but today the message on my box is that I don't subscribe to this channel. I've been on hold for over an hour now after someone said they were putting me through to the TV department, it seems pretty obvious to me they don't work weekends. 

What now? I need a quick resolution or I'll just cancel the lot, including the broadband and find another provider, the incompetence is comical.