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BT Sport on Plusnet on BT Dashboard

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BT Sport on Plusnet on BT Dashboard

I have left PlusNet. While I was with them I had the TV product, and I took advantage of the offer provide access to the BT TV app. That required signing up on the BT dashboard site as a PlusNet customer. I still had a BT account, so I added that  authentication to it.

I have left PlusNet and gone to BT but my BT dashboard is still showing "BT Sport on PlusNet - wisty". I would like to delete this particular entry from the BT dashboard. BT tell me that a it is a PlusNet "contract" they can't delete it. So I raised a ticket asking PlusNet to remove it.

The response I got to the ticket was poor.


"Thank you for your message.
If you would like to discuss any details of upgrades, recontracting or cancelling your contract, you will need to speak with our customer options team by calling 0800 013 2632 and agree and discuss the new contract options over the phone."

The "Complaints Advisor" who responded clearly didn't read the ticket properly or investigate.

I suspect this is related to the fact that I was billed by PlusNet in December for BT TV - they couldn't understand how I had been billed for a product I don't have!!

Can anyone tell me how to get this item removed from the dashboard.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BT Sport on Plusnet on BT Dashboard

Sorry to hear that.

I've checked the account and the subscription has been removed on our side so I'm not sure why it's still showing.

I'll ask our Products team to see if there's anything that can be done.

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team