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BT Sport - Upgrade from App to BTTV has resulted in no access to BT Sport

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Registered: ‎05-03-2018

BT Sport - Upgrade from App to BTTV has resulted in no access to BT Sport

This could go in the TV Section or the Fibre Section as unresolved problems with both.

I  should have left well alone. I was OK on Plusnet with approx 12MBps ADSL broadband and had the BT Sport App at the £2.50 pm introductory rate.

Being out of the previous broadband contract period in late January I decided to go for  unlimited fibre (estimated speed 35 to 25 Mbps) and Plusnet TV including the BT Sport package + HD)

The fibre switch took place on 15 Feb and resulted in a trivial increase in speed to 14.8 Mbps. I raised a ticket and I see that the GEA Test has confirmed that this is the speed the line is experiencing but found no fault on the line! Plusnet Support have not updated me with what the next action is.

While this is frustrating the most annoying thing is I have lost any access to BT Sport thanks to choosing the Plusnet TV package. The TV order was confirmed on 19 Feb and the Youview+ Box arrived on 21 Feb.


Access to the BT Sport App was cancelled by Plusnet on the day of the TV order, 19 Feb! I was not told this was going to happen. This policy means there will always be a period without access to BT Sport even if the TV set up goes as well as it possibly could. 


The Youview+ box was easy to set up and works fine for Freeview and catchup services. However trying to access subscribed Plusnet TV results in a screen saying we can see you are not a Plusnet TV customer or if you are call us and we will complete set up. Error code BTP-15000 was shown on the screen. I called the number and the agent had me restart the Youview+ Box and factory reset the modem to no avail. He said the issue would be added to the list of other customers with a similar problem but could not say when there might be a resolution.


Given this uncertainty, I asked for my access to the BT Sport App to be reinstated while this was being sorted out but the agent said was not possible as it would likely cause a 'provisioning error'.


The latest support communication on 27 Feb says 'we are aware of the BTP-15000 issue and are awaiting a fix to be implemented. We will monitor this and update you with further information when we know more'


Hardly confidence filling as to when it is likely to be resolved!


I have googled BTP-15000 and it comes up several times on the BT forums as the TV subscription not correctly recorded on the broadband account and seems to be resolved after the records are corrected and the modem is reset.


As there is no imminent resolution in sight please get my access to BT Sport back and let me know what is likely to happen next with the poor Fibre speeds.


Thanks and Regards