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BT Sport Box Office access via Plusnet TV (I was asked to make a thread here)

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BT Sport Box Office access via Plusnet TV (I was asked to make a thread here)

*** Please kindly read through as Plusnet and BT have asked me to drum up some support for this to finally get the Box Office Channel available on the Plusnet TV platform ***

Ok, so I've been speaking to BT, Plusnet and Youview for the past 3 months or so ever since BT Sport changed their format they have now added the Box Office channel to their packages and due to this it's pretty much messed up the BT Sport package on Plusnet due to the new Box Office channel not appearing in the channel list.

I know Plusnet TV is a budget TV platform however this is part of the perks of being a Plusnet customer (just like the sim cards are) so I feel it's very unfair that Plusnet TV customers lose out on access to the BT Sport Box Office channel which is through no fault of Plusnet's, it's simply because BT changed their format now where they build up events on the channels but you can't even watch the events or have the option to do this due to no channel access in the channel list.

All the other platforms have now been updated with a simple scan and the channel now appears in people's channel lists apart from Plusnet's Youview platform which you can then get access to by purchasing the event (either online or through the channel) and then you at least have the option to watch the events.

I've been given various workarounds but honestly it's all a bit much, they've mentioned to me to buy a Chromecast and link up that to a PC or phone etc.. and then buy the events and stream them from the devices to my TV which is a problem as I have no idea how to do this, I have no spare HDMI sockets in my TV (My TV is mounted on my wall so I can't get behind it either to keep changing over), it's just hassle after hassle really and I don't want to be buying events to sit and watch on my phone or a laptop etc.. it needs to be on my TV like it is for everyone else really, I did also try a few workarounds with them but nothing helps such as a PS4 app but they said no, I also asked about it being on Now TV as I have a Now TV box too, but again, they said no (this is BT by the way) they basically are just saying either watch on your phone or go out and buy a Chromecast and go through all that which to be honest I think is a bit much when all I want to do is be able to purchase Box Office Events (or at least have the option) as now we have all these events building up on the regular channels but we're not able to watch them as we could before BT decided to bring in this Box Office channel (which is fair enough, as I have no problem in paying for events if that's what they want but they won't even make it accessible for us).

Now, I've spoken with BT and Plusnet (and Youview also) and BT and Plusnet have said that if there's enough demand on this they will then add it to the channel lists and this is why I was asked to start a thread here as they've all agreed it's unfair that we're left out and the only one's without the access to it, it's like watching a movie on not being able to access the final scene.

Again, Plusnet have been fantastic and they are brilliant, it's through no fault of Plusnet that they've changed this format but it has become a pain and taken things away from us, whether we are paying a full price BT Sport package or a package as part of a deal for being a Plusnet customer I don't think it's fair to not give us access to the Box Office Channel simply because we chose to do it through Plusnet with all our other services.

I've spoke with them a few times and it's simple how it works, the channel will appear in the channel list explaining how to purchase the events (either online, calling a number or possibly through the channel) and then we'll pay for the event with our credit or debit cards and the channel will appear (the same way channel packages do).

It really is a case of the channel just needs to be added to the channel list which I know can be done as I've been speaking to BT, Plusnet and Youview about it for around 3 - 4 months and I've been told that it can be done it's just the demand needs to be there (honestly, I think it should come as default but this is the reason for this thread as I was asked to do this to drum up a bit of support).

I really wanted to purchase the Tyson Fury fight (it felt like I was begging them to be a customer) which is why I contacted them soon as I heard about this BT Box Office channel coming in (September I believe it was launched) so I wanted to get in quick to give them time to try sort it but I failed in regards to this, I couldn't get the fight in the end so ended up missing it and I really want to buy this Josh Warrington fight too on the 22nd December but again, I'm not going to be able to do it because I simply have no access to the BT Sport Box Office channel (As explained, it needs to be on my TV).

Basically we are the only platform where a BT Sport subscription is available but are missing the Box Office Channel which is now part of the BT Sport package, it's an incomplete package now and because most of the events are now built up and put on Box Office, it's starting to make the regular BT Sport channels become pointless now.

Not only that but this is losing business for BT and Plusnet too, I know friends who are recently on Plusnet broadband and I've mentioned about the TV package but they said they're not getting it if they can't have the option to watch the events they build up to (which I understand), so Plusnet are losing a marketing deal there with having an incomplete package now.

BT are also losing business because I'm sure there's many people on Plusnet TV who would purchase the events too if we had them available to us or access to the channel as friends and family often chip in to buy these events too, as well as people buying them themselves also.

Like any business the more people it's available to the more you're going to sell and it's kinda unfair we have been left out and no workaround has been done to consider us and at least make the channel available to us due to how important it is to have this channel with BT changing their format now and the way they air their events.

Again, this is no fault of Plusnet at all, it's probably a pain for them in a way as it means more work but it really does need to be added into the channel list at least so we can have the option of being able to see the events and purchase these if we would like to do so.

Again, I put it down to say having a movie and not being able to see the final scene, the events are what are built up to on the regular BT channels now and without access to the channel, we can't see the final chapter of these events either.

We just need the channel available in the channel list and that's all to at least have the option of purchasing these events just like everyone else, once this is there it will be sorted, feel fair and everyone will be happy.

So all I ask is for people to support this as obviously to some people it's important and quite heartbreaking really.

As Plusnet and BT told me, if the demand is there they will add it to the channel list but as of now they have no plans to do so because they don't feel enough people want it (which I find quite unfair) which is why one of the higher up's at Plusnet who called me the other day asked me to drum up some support here and then finally we can get the channel added to the channel list just like everyone else.

Thanks for kindly reading anyway, I'm sure there's more I could mention here about all this as it has been a long time I've been banging my head trying to stress how important this channel is to be available for us as part of the BT package, once this is sorted everyone will be very happy as there will be more business for Plusnet and BT and of course those people (like myself) who really want this will FINALLY be able to access this like everyone else who has a BT Sport package from their provider.

Thanking you kindly in advance and hope to hear from you soon Smiley

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Re: BT Sport Box Office access via Plusnet TV (I was asked to make a thread here)

You would think that Plusnet would have offered this from day 1 considering BT own Plusnet and I would like to see this added as a matter of urgency.
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Re: BT Sport Box Office access via Plusnet TV (I was asked to make a thread here)


I know what you mean Daniel, that's what I thought also at the time, didn't really expect us to be left out.

I honestly feel it's unfair, I mean we can be given various excuses but things such as "It's a budget platform" for example I don't really feel that's a valid excuse because it's a budget platform because we are customers of Plusnet and that's the deal, the same way we get mates rates on the sim cards.


I appreciate Plusnet dearly and think they're fantastic!! However not having this BT Box Office available to us is not only giving us an incomplete package now it's very unfair.

I even tried the Chromecast thing too since my last post but it lagged like crazy and wasn't good, so I even tried that even though I don't agree how we should have to do all these work arounds when everyone else gets it as normal, it's just not fair however they asked for a demand for it and if there is one, they'll do it.

Hence why they told me to write this on the forum and drum up the support.


All we want to do is be a customer and have the option to buy these events they build up on the regular BT channels now (which normally they would be on there before they changed this which wasn't our fault) but they're making it very difficult for us.


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