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BT Sport App vs BT Sport via Sky

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BT Sport App vs BT Sport via Sky

Just thought I'd share my experience of BT Sport App vs BT Sport via Sky.  Last season I had BT Sport via Sky in HD all worked well and reasonable priced at £12.49, allows recording on your sky box but no multi screen or viewing on the go.



Plusnet have recently offered a deal for the App at £2.49 for 6 months (Usual price £5), given the £10 per month saving I thought this worth a try.

I dont want to be limited to a small screen so being able to view on my TV was a must, the good news is that the App supports Casting to a TV.  I have a Sony Android TV with built in casting, this did not work well picture resolution was great but picture judder when watching sports, after some research I discovered this could be down to a frame rate setting issue (App at 50Hz, TV set for 60Hz).  This was a known issue with Chromecast and a fix was introduced to allow a 50Hz setting, unfortunately despite this known issue it looked like my TV software has not been updated to allow the rate to be changed from 60Hz however using a Chromecast sounded like a possible fix.

Chromecast set me back £30 and with the 50Hz setting deployed the judder has gone so this problem has been fixed.

In terms of picture quality, it is good and looks HD quality, it's still not quite up there with the satellite quality and you do still get the impression it's an internet feed, all be it a very good one.

I'm trying to understand if there is anything further I can do to improve the picture quality at my end or whether I'm at the best quality the app will provide.  A few other issues, when casting my router started to make a racket, more research and it turns out some routers have an issue getting noisy at 5GHz, the noise is very intrusive and affects the viewing as it's next to my TV.  One fix is to set the router to 2.4GHz only, however speed tests show this drops my data rate from 30Mb/s to 15Mb/s.  Raised this on another forum and a new router is on the way.

Despite the noise I have experimented with my Chromecast using the App at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz and both are smooth and cant really see any difference.  Anyone know what speed connection you need to get the best quality picture via the App?  If it is under 15Mb/s I guess whether I use 2.4GHz or 5GHz wont make a difference as both meet this.

Final option would be to fork out another £15 for a cable so I can hardwire the Chromecast to the router, but I'm reluctant to do this as I suspect if my WiFi connection is already good enough this wont improve the picture.

Would be interested in others views of App vs Sky for BT Sport on a large TV (55") anyone got similar picture quality on both, if so what data rate was needed and WiFi or cable to Chromecast?

As saving £10 per month I think it's good enough for now but when price is back to £5 I may re-assess plus will need to decide if lack of recording is an issue for me (usually watch Sport live so I doubt it).

Now we just need BT to offer 4k over the app, apparently you need 40Mb/s for it to work on BT TV, that sounds very high as I can watch Amazon UHD even with my sub 30Mb/s connection, be good to know recommended rates for UHD and HD (i.e. BT Sport App) to see how close I am to it.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BT Sport App vs BT Sport via Sky

Hi @pjex

To display the best quality I would be recommend connecting a laptop to the TV with a HDMI cable and an Ethernet cable between the laptop and router (if available) then using the web player to see if it matches the quality of the app via Chromecast. This will confirm if the issue is specific to your Chromecast.

The BT Sport app requires a minimum line speed of 400kbps for standard definition and 8Mbps for high definition therefore, the speed you are receiving is more than enough to output the best image quality. The App and web player will adjust accordingly without giving the option to change between.

Hope this helps.

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 Lewis G
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Re: BT Sport App vs BT Sport via Sky

In my experience you've got the BT App picture via Chromecast "as good as it gets" at the moment.  The big leap, as you found, is moving to 50Hz.


A good resolution but still a little bit of an "internet" feel to it.  It's not quite up to broadcast standard.


I have a wireless speed of about 30Mbps and don't see any improvement over what you have.  As has been posted above, your wireless speed is unlikely to be causing any loss of quality.


I think just the 4K Chromecast, not the standard £30 supports a wired ethernet connection anyway.


There could be some fancy settings on your TV to play with regarding how it processes the picture with (noise reduction, some motion settings maybe).  Personally I've turned them all off on my TV.


The BT app-via-plusnet solution is great value with I think a perfectly acceptable, if not perfect, picture, so I stick to that.

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Re: BT Sport App vs BT Sport via Sky

Interested to read this. I've just moved to Plusnet from BT, where I had Sport in HD via Sky satellite, but I've taken up the option of the BT player only at £2.50 / month and ordered a Chromecast. With a 42 inch TV I think I'm going to be satisfied with the quality from what has been said here.

One question I do have - if I decide to change and go with the more expensive option through the dish again but this time with Plusnet, do I still get access to the app, or do I have to pay two separate subscription fees for each?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BT Sport App vs BT Sport via Sky

Hi @pharrison1984, if you go for the BT Sport over Sky, the app is not included so you would be paying two separate fees I'm afraid.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team