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BT Sport App on Smart TV

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BT Sport App on Smart TV

Please forgive the question especially if already covered somwhere else. In truth I understand very little tech wise

I have BT Sport which my Account says "includes BT Sport App". I have a Youview Box in living Room and have to disrupt Mrs Bamboozleds Telly viewing in order to watch any BT Sport Footy games

So using the BT App could I watch the TV in my Man Cave instead ? Its an LG Smart TV. Would be great if I could but Im a technodope so no idea !


Many thanks Bamboozled

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Re: BT Sport App on Smart TV


How will I be able to watch the BT Sport App from Plusnet?

As part of the BT Sport app from Plusnet package (and as part of taking the BT Sport channel pack) you get access to BT Sport via the BT Sport App and the BT online player. This is available to use both in the UK and in over 25 European destinations.

The BT Sport App works on most phones and tablets. It is also castable so you can watch it on your TV as long as you have a device that can receive the signal, such as a Chromecast or Fire TV stick.

You can also use the online player at via most web browsers.

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So you need a Chromecast device plugged into the TV.

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Re: BT Sport App on Smart TV

There are various ways to watch BT sport using the App or the BT sport website, you do not have use a Chromecast device.

One method is to use the App on an Ipad and connect to the TV with  a Lightning Digital AV adaptor, this only allows the standard player. To get the enhanced player connect a PC HDMI video output direct to your TV and use the BT sport website.

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Re: BT Sport App on Smart TV

Hi @Bamboozled,


Thanks for your post.


I think @RealAleMadrid and @SpendLessTime have covered all of your options with this one (more or less), but just as an FYI I've included the link to our BT Sport App FAQ here.


Please let us know if you need any further help.