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BT Sport App incompatibility

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Registered: ‎12-12-2012

BT Sport App incompatibility

I have just signed up for the "special offer"  for the BT Sports App, sent to my mobile via a text message. £1 / month for six months .then £5 / month.

I tried the link in Plusnet's text but it did not function and kept saying unavailable try again later.I tried several time but I gave up and telephoned Plusnet Mobile.

The guy Andrew sorted everything out and confirmed the price with some information on how to download the App.

I had explained I wanted to use the broadband streaming via my plusnet router to my TV and asked will it work this way and was told yes.I  explained I did not want the complexity of having to use my Mobile and then somehow get this to "talk" to my Smart Panasonic Smart TV.

After some time trying to download the App I tried to install the app to my Samsung  S3 phone and it came up "this app is incompatible with this device".

After searching the Web I eventually found a reference to the BT Sports app will only support Android 4.3 and above..Mine is 4.2.1.and it cannot be updated easily,certainly not from Samsung

MY complaint here is why doesn't Plusnet before you sign up to their offer, ask what my Mobile operating software is. That way a lot of time and effort could have been prevented by myself and plusnet.

I now have to cancel the contract and I'm not happy.