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Are YouView+ boxes registered to an account?

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Are YouView+ boxes registered to an account?

I had to have a new PlusNet account (broken billing). The broadband was sorted out a couple of weeks ago. I'm still using my old router, which resulted @bobpullen having to register it against my new account. (I described what happened in this thread:

The broadband is fine, and throughout that episode the TV, including BT Sport, continued working.

Today a new YouView box turned up. I don't want to use this new box - I'll lose my recordings - I want to carry on using the old one.

Question: is the TV box registered against my account like the router is? Do I have to get the old one registered, otherwise I might not get firmware updates?

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Re: Are YouView+ boxes registered to an account?


No, you shouldn't need to re-register the old box. Feel free to send the newer one back to us though.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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