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£65 charge for doing what we were asked to!!!

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£65 charge for doing what we were asked to!!!

I have received a totally unacceptable message from Plusnet about a charge for an engineer visit! The engineer notes are utter rubbish, I followed everything you asked having reset the box. The engineer didn't just reset, they used a hidden maintenance menu to format the box, we were with them when we did it. They could see we'd already done a reset as there were no recordings!


The box you've provided has been incredibly unreliable it's not the first time we've had to reset the box, you must be able to see that from your records. Even the engineer said it shouldn't need to keep being reset and if it stops working again after the format, we should ask for a new box. I don't see that mentioned anywhere in the notes.


We are paying for a box that can record, but ultimately it can't be relied upon as we keep loosing the recordings!


I don't expect to be contacted some 2 weeks after an apology email about a £65 charge!


The old ticketing system was great, could just leave a message at your convenience and it would be answered by a helpful member of the plusnet team. Oh it's ok you have online chat, but wait you don't deal with TV issues on chat. I have been trying for a week to get through to someone about the appalling callout charge for TV but can't get through.

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Re: £65 charge for doing what we were asked to!!!

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