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group of email addresses

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group of email addresses

Is there a way of showing addresses as a predefined group as I used to do with B.T. I had all my family set up under a group and just typed in family.
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Re: group of email addresses

Well I've previously set up a group called "Work addresses" and find that if I highlight the group in address book by single-clicking on it and then hit the compose button it loads in the two email addresses in that group into the "To" field. Is that what you mean?
To make a group:
1. Create a new contact group by hitting the "Create new contact group" button - unhelpfully just labelled "+" in the bottom left corner - type a name in and hit Enter.
2. Drag'n'drop contacts from your contacts list into the new group - they're copied in not transferred, and hence remain in the main list.
You can also just start a new email conventionally then type the group name in the recipient boxes.
The "gear" button can then be used to rename or delete a group. If you delete a group the contact isn't lost since the one in the main listing remains.