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Aims and Timescales for the Trial

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Aims and Timescales for the Trial

The aims of the trial are to review the suitability of RoundCube as an alternative Webmail solution to the current SquirrelMail offering. The key considerations of the trial are:

  • 1. To verify that the system operates trouble free for end users and Plusnet staff, is a suitable alternative to the existing solution and does not remove functionality that customers currently have access to.
  • 2. To prove the scalability of the solution, testing it under enough load to predict how the solution will scale up with the number of subscribers.

  • 3. To gauge what additional features customers would like from a Webmail solution and investigate the feasibility of developing such features.


  • Phase 0: Closed Beta - Usergroup NDA & Pre-View Invitees: 08/09/2008

  • Phase 1: Closed Beta - Staff: 12/09/2008

  • Phase 2: Invitation Beta - All: TBC

  • Phase 3: Public Beta - All: TBC

  • Phase 4: Replace live platform - TBC

Success Criteria
The fundamental measure of success is customer feedback.
- Are people happy to use the solution?
- If it were offered to the wider customer base, would it be a popular option?
Technical success is being measured internally by Plusnet and those results won't be published here - This trial will focus on User Acceptance Testing of the solution.
Present Status
08/09/2008 - Phase 0 launched.
10/09/2008 - Phase 1 launched.
17/10/2008 - Further progression on hold; see Edit1 text below.
31/12/2008 - v0.2-stable downloaded to test server, but didn't make it to 'live' on the trial platform.
13/09/2011 - v0.5.4-stable release on the trial platform unsuccessful due to technical incompatibilities.
01/11/2011 - v0.6-stable released on the trial platform. New
This topic is work in progress, and will be updated as the trial progresses.
Edit1: Amended timescales as due to limited resource we cannot at the time of writing confirm when we will be in a position to move to Phase 2. Closed Beta applicants will continue to be considered for addition.
« 17/10/2008, 14:39 by Bob Pullen »

Edit2: Work towards releasing RoundCube to run alongside SquirrelMail resuming from 13/09/2011.
« ref post 09/09/2011, 13:20 by Bob Pullen »