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Accessing the Beta Platform

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Accessing the Beta Platform

Accessing The Beta Platform
The Roundcube Beta Platform can be accessed at the following URL -
Before you're able to access the platform, you may need to register your interest with us. The procedure for registering will differ depending on how far the trial has progressed, and is not necessary once the Public Beta phase is reached. Further detail about the trial and it's various stages can be found in the Aims and Timescales for the Trial thread.
How to request access

  • Closed Beta trialists (Staff/Usergroup/Pre-View Invitees) - Please register your interest via direct contact with myself.
  • Invitation Beta trialists (All) - Raise a ticket to a dedicated ticket pool linked to from a Community blog article. You will need to have registered for the forums in order to be granted access, since support will be provided and feedback collected here.
  • Public Beta trialists (All) - No pre-registration required. There will be a link to the Beta Platform on the existing Webmail pages and all customers will be able to access the service using *any* of their mailboxes (see below).

Important notice for Closed/Invitation Beta trialists
During the Closed and Invitation stages of the trial, we need to manually pre-populate a database with your mailbox details before you are able to login. This will provide access only to your default mailbox, typically the mailbox that has the same login details as those you use to access the Member Centre. Access to any of your additional mailboxes will remain available through existing platforms. However if for exceptional reasons access to these is needed from RoundCube please raise this through feedback in this forum.
09/10/2008 Editorial changes in preparation for progressing to the Invitation Beta phase.
13/09/2011 For resourcing reasons the Invitation Beta phase did not proceed. Closed Beta continuing.
                    v0.5.4-stable software installation unsuccessful due to technical incompatibilities.

01/11/2011 Closed Beta phase continuing with v0.6-stable software.

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