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Access to Betawebmail

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Access to Betawebmail

Hi Bob!
Got fed up "Waiting for today so switched to to look at emails. Got "Cannot find server" error message...very odd.
So went to this forum and found your messages about the future developments in the trial. Was not sure if I needed to do anything now to carry on using the site. Out of curiosity i tried the link on your first line and, bingo, up comes the invitation to login. Did so (having had to remember my login details (not sure that I needed this before)) and I was in!
New look of INBOX was fine, but did not hang about, (SWMBO trouble), so have not explored more. It will be interesting to examine the Address Book display, I noted that earlier it was OK but I still very much favour the SM version.
I will come back when i have time!
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Re: Access to Betawebmail

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