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when is a fault not a fault

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when is a fault not a fault

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In this department (technical support) we do not have the facility to complete an SNR reset or set the rate you have specified as this is all handled by our faults team. If you are having issues caused by the SNR value, then you would need to raise a fault online.

When reported via the correct ticket queue.  I had requested a reset of my SNR to the default after a phone line fault to 6.  But going by the CSA that replied I have to raise a fault and jump through the hoops of said route just for you to ask BT to set the SNR to 6.
Is it not common sense for one department to talk to another and action it and not add further delay to the issue being fixed?  Tech support will have a ticket/call ratio they have to meet each day but sometimes a like extra on their behalf keeps us the customer happy.
So now I have to report  fault when I have none, as it is the BT system failing to update on a 21CN exchange
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Re: when is a fault not a fault

Hi Gus,
I'm really sorry that you've got that level of response from our Technical Support Team. The main reason that some of the Technical Support Agents do not have this permission is that, from a Faults Perspective we don't really want SNR reset's done all of the time as from time to time it won't actually fix the fault.
There is nothing worse than coming across an actual Fault but not being able to raise it to our suppliers due to the line still being in it's stabilisation/training period.
That said though, there is no reason as to why this agent could not have liaised with either the Faults Team or an Agent that has the correct privileges to get this sorted out for you. I will certainly get this fed back to the Technical Managers to ensure that this can be prevented in future.
I've no problem doing an SNR reset for you when I'm next back in the office for you? This won't be until Thursday, so I think it would be easier for one of the Digital Care Team to pick this up tomorrow to get this reset for you.
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