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testimonial: my journey with

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testimonial: my journey with

on joining in 2005 at a linespeed of 512kb, i was advised that, at some time in the near future,  my linespeed would increase to 2mb with no intervention needed from me.  from the get-go, linespeed was 2mb.  magic.  later another advisory informed me that linespeed would increase up to 8mb, again no need for input from me.  all this at the original rental.  brilliant.
linespeed has gradually increased from around 4mb to 6mb, hovering in the high fives, indicating that some improvements in infrastructure are being implemented incrementally resulting in imperceptible improvement.  only because of using a speed tester did the improvement become apparent.  there was a mild perception of acceleration, but accompanied by irritating drop-outs and glitches, which outshone any glow from the improvements.
sufficiently accustomed to unlimited access, without any restrictions whatsoever, it came as an unpleasant intrusion to receive a peremptory email to the effect that i had exceeded 60% of my 20gb allowance.  this i strongly resent and take issue with the terms, having never been invited to negotiate.  i also resent that i am allowed a mere 20gb - with strings, i.e., that this shall be squoze if...conditions are not met.  this is inequitous.  either i am permitted 20gb, or i am not.  make up your minds.  according to the spirit of the imposed contract, linespeed may not be restricted unless and until 20gb has been reached, at which point it dives to 128kb.  this state of affairs is causing disenchantment.
on a scale of 1 to 100, or, as a percentage of satisfaction, i rate this company at 82 for the following attributes:
courtesy - always, except for the instance already mentioned, unfailingly polite.
account enhancements - outstanding.  to increase linespeed twice, at no penalty to the customer, inspires a goodwill beyond price.
communication - reasonable - in light of the necessary distractions of expansion, a not too bad effort is made to resolve all issues to customer satisfaction.  currently some horrendous outcomes for the  customer has tarnished the gloss on an otherwise splendid reputation.  for example, given that there are so many yossas pleading 'gissa job' in this country, which, by all accounts, is on queer street, would it not be in our best interests if customer care were re-sourced in house?  i would volunteer to help where i know i can.  i would be willing to donate a couple of hours a week on an ad hoc basis (login and get on with it, log out when done) and i'd be willing to do that for a donation of minimum wage to be paid to someone on minimum benefits tax free.  that might encourage others to consider the worth of joining in.
this will release all those out-source personnel to useful work to the benefit of their own environment.
british telecom - nuff said.
CONCLUSION is head and shoulders above the nearest competition,  ergo, is the best available.
for this customer their current rating, at 82%, is pdg.  they need only 3% improvement to make next level.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: testimonial: my journey with

Thanks very much indeed for your very encouraging feedback.
We always appreciate balanced feedback like this and you have given us a very honest and frank account of your experience of us over the years.
When I read accounts like this from loyal customers like yourself (and you are only loyal for the right reasons by the sound of it) it reminds long-serving members of staff like me of not only what should but what should not change about how Plusnet does things. I have to say on a personal level that I like others at Plusnet that have worked here for over 5 years feel a sense of care and responsibility to uphold the customer values that brought us our initial success.
I have worked with another very large ISP in the past and I did (in my opinion) see that company change in some quite negative ways when it decided to expand its customer base. I'd hate to see that happen again. I think everyone here both new and old should have a long hard think about how we got here in the first place and maintain those good ethics and practices whilst the we expand as a company.
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 Adam Walker
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