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support team tickets

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support team tickets

What a load of pOOOh  Crazy it takes ages to get a reply ! then all you get is " sorry we have escalated your problem "
10 days ago i raised a support ticket about problems with PN broadband connection , first reply 1 day later asked me to do 3 speed tests , which i did  straight away  3 !!!  days later i get a reply asking to do a tracert to check ping times which i did several times over the last few days showing my latency was going mad , up & down not a stable  connection.
4 days !!!  later i get a message we have escalated your question to the correct pool !!  does this mean the wrong team have been trying to fix it , took them 8 days to realize !!
another 2 days have gone past and STILL NO REPLY  Embarrassed
what a joke !  come on now PN  i pay my bill exactley on time the least you can do is FIX my broadband
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Re: support team tickets

Hi rongtw,
I've replied to you on this thread here.
dick:green Link fixed.