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speed poor but iplayer/youtube stop after 15mins

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speed poor but iplayer/youtube stop after 15mins

my speed has dropped in the last few months as several others report. was 3800kbps now 2700kbps and dropping connections. most annoying is iplayer and youtube which play okay for about 15 minutes then stop, as if jammed. if i close the browser and start again it sometimes starts it, but again will stop after about 15 mins.
i have reported this and and done the recommended tests (diff filter, diff router, directly into master socket, reboot, reboot, reboot etc) and now have to arrange for a BT engineer to come. this means a half day off work which i cannot afford.
does anyone think this is a bandwidth issue?
oh and my mate around the corner gets 5700kbps with tiscali and he's further away from the exchange.
the 2700kbps speed i can just about live with but the video stopping is driving me mad!
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Re: speed poor but iplayer/youtube stop after 15mins

Hi there,
What does a BT speedtest say? Is the problem constant or just at certain times? Do other web activities give you what you'd expect given your profile?