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I am so frustrated with the internet service it is sooooo sloooow I have asked for help and been sent an email saying , plusnet will look into it for me, but the problems still exists,also i cannot sent messages by email unless i use my yahoo account ,I'm really regreting I ever changed service. Cry
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Re: slow

Hi Angiebaby5
When our call centre staff ask you a bunch of questions in a ticket, you need to answer them or we can't help Smiley
You've been connected solidly for 39 days straight.  Can you try rebooting your router?  Just unplug your router from the mains for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in again.  I know it might sound a bit silly, but when your connected for a long, long time your router can start acting a bit weird.
Always remember the first rule of computers.  If it's not working like it should be, turn it off and on again.
Let us know if it helps at all.