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"Better Than New Customers Get"

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"Better Than New Customers Get"

The email announcing price increases made me an offer to upgrade from Unlimited to Unlimited Fibre for £25 per month (£26 from 29th June) and proudly said that this offer was "Better Than New Customers Get". If that was ever the case it is not so now


Offer £25/£26 per month. New customers £24/£25.

Offer 18 month contract. New customers 12 month contract.

Offer zilch. New customers £50 cash back (If successful in getting it issued!).

Normality is restored. For a moment I thought Plusnet might have got the message about not taking existing customers for granted.

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Re: "Better Than New Customers Get"


The BT Infinity 1 is a better offer especially if you use quidco for the £70 cash back which they will pay in addition to the £100 reward card. Plusnet never allow quidco and their own cashback schemes to both be paid together

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Re: "Better Than New Customers Get"

OR TT is advertising (ends today) 2 years for £24/mo fixed, no increases over the 2 years, (Wasn't really listening to the ad, but that seems to be the gist of it)