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poor service and resolution

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Registered: ‎11-06-2016

poor service and resolution

i have been with plusnet for many years and never had an issue with them. but i found recently that not only had they put me on a 24month contract without telling me or confirming by email claiming it will be found in my question section (really put a contract statement hidden in your own questions and not send them to me and not even sending me terms and condtions) what made it worse is that i was given bt sport hd for £7.49 a month and was supposed to get 3 months free.

when i found out about the 24month contract i looked into this and found that not only that they did not give me the free 3 months but that they had been charging me £12.49 for bt sport hd as well.

now considering the contract is supposed to be binding according to plusnet, plusnet have breached it themselves by not meeting the terms of their own contract. what makes it worse is standard pre written replies that are just like an putting your fingers in your ears and singing so they cant hear what i am actually trying to say.

eventually i got a phone call about a month ago still not accepting that they are in breach in any way so if i want out they still want me to pay. they offer to refund the over charging and tbh by this time i am totally hacked off with the whole thing so i agree just for some piece because lets face it the last thing you want in your life is stress and that seems to be what plusnet are all about now.

i should of had the refund now and the onthly payment amended but oh no that would be to easy another month and the same over charging continues and still no refund.and do you know what is really anoying there is no online chat as its not working. to raise a question to them you have to select a title that has no connection to the issue otherwise you cant raise one to them so i had to click on request a vat receipt them put in it that i didnt want a vat receipt. i only did this because when i rang up there was a 15 minute wait to actually talk to someone.


plusnet you need to hang your head in shame i have been with you for many years and your service level has gotten worse and worse. i am now systematically going around all of the review sites giving you awful reviews for the way you treat your customers and am very shocked at how many people are haveing the same issues with over charging and poor service with some going as far to say that you are being fraudulant and do you know when i take a step back and see what you have done to me i quite agree with them.


you will not get a renewal from me, everyone i talk to will get told to steer well clear of plusnet and you will never get a good review anywhere i can leave one.


this is your plusnets own doing. youve got complacent with your customer service and frankly have some very dodgy practices these days.