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plusnet, well......they like to have the money but dont provide the service!

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plusnet, well......they like to have the money but dont provide the service!

we have been with plusnet for over 12months now, we have called customer service several times about our broadband connection is slow almost non existent....we were stil getting charged for the poor service with the response of "its to do with the devices we are using"....yeah rite ok!
so we were convinced that fiber optic would solve all our we went ahead and got fibre optic, to figure out our connection is still rubbish half the time, my partner rang customer services again last week.....the guy finally took us seriously and investigated the issues, we have just received a reply from the tech team to say " i have tested the line today and have discovered a potential issue i the copper line section of your connection, we have raised with our wholesale provider for further investigation. this normally takes between 24-72hours" success we are finally getting somewhere and being taken seriously with getting its our fault.
so why have been paying for a crappy service for the last 12 months?? am i entitled to some from of compensation/refund?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: plusnet, well......they like to have the money but dont provide the service!

Welcome to the community forums and sorry to hear about what you've mentioned there.
Without wanting to make any assumptions it sounds like there may be more than one issue at play here.
When you experience speed issues on a wireless connection it's possible for the cause of that to exist on two different levels, the line itself (i.e between your premises and the exchange) or with your wireless network.
It's clear that our faults guys have picked up on a line issue that we're looking at, however I really wouldn't overlook the wireless connectivity between the router and your devices as also being a potential part of the problem you've seen.
With that in mind there's checks that can be done in the home and settings that can be altered which can really help with this. Take a look at the tips we've posted here  <a href="">here</a>
I'm happy to give you a call to go through this in more detail if you like so feel free to reply regarding that or drop me a private message.
With regards to giving you something back in return we intend to do that once the issue is resolved but don't worry we'll make sure that's covered.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team