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plusnet assist

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plusnet assist

what a bloody laugh it cannot assist if the quality of your reception does not allow connection long enough to download it!!!!
so it is meant to help sort connection problems no matter how many times i try to download it the signal crashes and it fails to load.
what good is it if you have this problem YOU CANNOT LOAD ASSIST TO TRY TO CURE THE PROBLEM, good ol plusnet
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Re: plusnet assist

There's a number of us on here who would say you've been lucky in being unable to download Assist as we have a very low opinion of it!
For issues with connection problems if you could post the information requested here and a fuller description of the issues you are having we'll try to help you (without using Assist!).
Edit: Just searched for your previous posts when it looked like your connection was fine and it was just that you are having problems with wireless - is that still the case?
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